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Demand for teak is universal and almost unlimited. With its golden colour and appealing texture, teak enjoys an unparalleled worldwide reputation as a premier hardwood. It is visually attractive, durable, easy to work with, termite resistant and suitable for most conceivable forms of end use. Teak wood lasts for hundreds of years in shipbuilding and construction.

Teak commands an exceptionally high price compared to other commodity hardwoods due to its desirability for specific applications and the shortage of supply. Although plantation teak is now emerging into the market, a universally recognised Food and Agriculture Organisation report from 2001 indicates that there will continue to be a shortage of supply over demand until at least 2030. This has led to an average market value inflation of 6.75% per annum over the last 10 years.

Teak's broad spectrum of uses means that demand is potentially endless, but supply is extremely limited and has enormous possibilities for growth. Products include: sawn timber for construction veneer and plywood luxury yacht finishes strip and block flooring furniture components solid doors, door and window frames laminated boards and panels, carved items for decoration household utensils and kitchenware.

Teak is the number one tropical hardwood. Although plantations date back as far as 150 years in India and Myanmar, plantation establishment has accelerated in the past 20 years as growth has demonstrated impressive potential. With the decreasing availability of teak from natural forests, plantations are becoming an increasingly important source and will likely take primary position in the future. As demand for plantation teak expands, the private sector has increasingly become involved in satisfying this market. As well as their undoubted profitability, teak plantations are socially and environmentally beneficial to their host areas.



AsiaTeak recognises the long-term future value of this asset and was established in April 2009 for the sole purpose of managing and producing high-grade teak from managed plantations in Sri Lanka and Thailand and periodically release a portion of our stocks onto the market for private ownership. Clients may buy saplings trees from our plantations in Sri Lanka or choose semi-mature trees in Thailand. Liquidation of the asset is achieved by the felling and sale of the mature teak directly onto the Asian timber markets.


Teak is widely regarded as one of the most durable, robust and sought-after tropical hardwoods in the world and teak plantations have historically been the privilege of institutional investors and sovereign wealth funds. Today, however, increased awareness of the low volatility and predictable growth characteristics of this asset have led to a steady increase in demand for the inclusion of teak trees in investment portfolios. AsiaTeak has responded to this emerging demand by pioneering a sustainable and secure structure for individuals to access this predictable and lucrative market.


The collective goal of AsiaTeak and its group of companies is to produce the world's most sought-after and valuable teak trees. This will be achieved through expert forestry management policies, an intimate understanding of the marketplace and strong corporate governance. These three pillars of ef?cient and ethical practice will provide a solid foundation with which to maintain the consistent growth of the business worldwide and deliver on its contractual obligations to customers and private clients over the medium to long term.


As well as managing its own sites, AsiaTeak provides expert forestry management services for private individuals and corporations who wish to establish their own teak plantations.


Paul Rockwood
Managing Director

Paul has been involved in the Asian plantation business all his life. His grandfather established a substantial coconut estate in Sri Lanka in 1920.

Email: paul@asiateakgroup.com
UK: +44 (0) 7798 851578
Sri Lanka: +94 (0) 7738 32423
Thailand: +66 (0) 8759 33468
Hong Kong:+852 (0) 9197 7148
Mr. JMPH Jayalath
Director of Forestry

Mr. Jayalath is responsible for the management and operational administration of all AsiaTeak Group plantations.

Dr. Paiboolya Gavinlertvatana

Dr. Pai founded Thai Orchids Lab (TOL) in 1988 and it's now one of the largest producers of tissue culture planting stock in Asia.