Green Light for Teak Exports from Solomon Islands

29 November 2018

Good news for AsiaTeak Thailand Clients as Thailand looks to follow trend and allow direct teak exports

Investing in USA Timberland

29 November 2018

Relates to US Timberland Investments but supports case for global timber investing

The teak dilemma: scarcer, pricier, less available

22 August 2018

Interesting article about teak supply chain to Super Yacht industry

TeakNet Newsletters

26 July 2018

To promote interactions and share wealth of information among the stakeholders of teak wood sector, Teaknet of Asia Pacific Region was established in 1995 with the support of FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.

Beautiful Teak Houses in Northern Thailand

26 July 2018

Beautiful Teak Houses, one of Thailand‘s best preserved and probably the most impressive collection of teak buildings in the country.

Illegal logging of teak in Myanmar for British boat building industry highlights the importance of sustainable plantation teak.

26 July 2018

This article relates to the on-going concern that illegal teak continues to enter the British boat building industry.  AsiaTeak Group is producing top quality plantation teak which will provide a sustainable alternative supply of this industry preferred commodity.

Tropical Timber Market Reports

27 June 2018

The ITTO (International Tropical Timber Organisation) releases it's report fortnightly, please see recent issues here

AsiaTeak Privacy Statement

27 June 2018

AsiaTeak Group has introduced a new Privacy Statement in compliance with new EU GDPR Rules